Sunday, May 04, 2008

One of My 'Live It Up' DONE!

I remember when I was in junior high school, I can't watch Simple Plan because it's near UAN. I was so damn pissed! And I said to myself, "It's's not SUM 41 anyway. When SUM 41 coming, I WILL COME."

And finallyyyy...they're coming. After like three years later. OHMYGODI'MSOHAPPYYYYYYYY!!!

Even though there's a
lot of doubt...the new album is not as fun as before (but I still like them, wonder why?) ; the guitarist leave the band-yes, THE melodic guitarist ; and I don't know where to stay after the concert because my family's houses is nowhere near Senayan.

But then again...when will I see them live then??? The next album could be worse, and still no Dave and I'll end up hating myself for not attending this concert. So oka
y...I'll go. In last minutes I bought the ticket and reserved a room in Sari Pan and travel to Jakarta.

But somehow even when I'm already standing in front of the stage, no euforia(is this a word??) rushed. And the god. GOD DAMN UGLY (not your face people, stay down...), the festival area is only one third full, and the tribune only two sixth full. Maaaannn...humiliating.

But when they show up, I'm so EXCITED!!

And I'm kinda grateful the crowd is not full because I'm drowning!! I even thought "My God please don't let me die here because it will be stupid despite that this is SUM 41". I know I sound hyperbolic but believe me I'm really drowned...people around me are taller and people in behind pushing to get closer. So yeah...I panic for a while. But in the and I can reach the bars and move to the front line so I can concentrate in screaming and singing and watching them. Hahah.


Yeah, the additional guitarist maybe not as good as Da
ve...But I don't think they're getting softer. This is Underclass Hero concert but they only sing few songs from the album. They performed a lot from their late albums. They performed the Hell Song, Fat Lip, In Too Deep, Over My Head, Still Waiting, Motivation, We're All To Blame, even Machine Gun and Pain For Pleasure. Oh I'm so satisfied!

And G . R . E . A . T things happened.

When they performed Still Waiting, I recorded them...and I didn't realize that Cone throw his pick to my direction and bounced at my chest! Luckily Tara saw the once in a million action and told me. WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
AND in the end of the concert when they throw up all their pick (and drum stick for Stevo) another Cone's pick fall to Tara's arm! WAAAAWAAAAAHHHH!!!
We both got Cone's pick!!! One EACH!!

Who's really really really HOT by the way...I never put attention to him, but when he show up I was like "WHOA...he's HOT!! And he's eyes really blue...And He's HOOOTTT!!!"

this is Cone

My Arms sore. My Back Sore. My Legs Sore. My Neck Sore. I lost My CDMA Phone (someone ripped my bag with knife). And I'm broke. Really broke.

I saw SUM 41 live. I sang my favorite song with them. I got Cone's pick. And I'm really happy.
I guess it was worth it.

My only disappointment is the crowd. That's why I'm planning to watch them again in BIGGER CRAZIER crowd. Maybe in the next three years (I hope they're still exist). There's a lot of time to fatten up myself...hahah...