Friday, January 02, 2009


This time of holiday I’ll go to Malang. The families headquarter.

This holiday is extra special for me, because this time I’ll experience how my family celebrates Chinese New Year. Usually I only called them, and get my angpau by post, but this time I’ll be there and feel it. Oh I’m so excited!!

Chinese New Year is in the second place where most of us gather, afte
r Christmas. My uncles and aunties will be there, my cousins will be there, all the grandmas and grandpas too. I really expecting how we celebrate Chinese New Year. The routine, the foods, the atmosphere, the buzz, and all things about it. And there's a temple near my grandma house, I'm sooo gonna go there...

And when my closest uncle there, that mean we will also go on culinary trip. I’m watering now already, imagining few of our routine track. Not only that, the schedule is also to climb Mount Bromo! The surprise is we’re going with my Mom and Dad too! Why that’s a surprise is because the last time we travelling together is when we go skiing in La Clusaz
, which is 6 years ago.

Wow that’s long…

After that skiing trip either I go to Balikpapan, or them crossing to Java island, or we go separately to Malang, or we go to Singapore but not with complete members. This trip is gonna broke those bad curse. LOL…

Other thing I’m expecting is my trip to Malang from Bandung. This time, I’ll have my brother going with me. I’ll have someone to talk to rather than listenin
g to iPod or reading books. And of course, I have LockShockBarrel with me to make my trip forever in a cool way