Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do I wish for something on 11:11?


You can call me superstitious, yes. But not the kind who wish upon a star, let alone a clock. Or a coin in a fountain.

Just not my cup of tea...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some Little Things....

That make me feel warm and fuzzy...

- Big brother & little sister
- Love-hate relationship with happy ending
- Sweet old couple
- Tea & Rain & Blanket
- Optimism & Hope
- Big heart
- Kind & smiley eyes
- Victory for the hard workers
- Hugs

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Would You Rather...

Date someone plain with amazing personality


Date someone beautiful with plain personality


Someone beautiful with amazing personality, of course! Like the phrase said, "Aim for the moon, you'll probably end up in New York." And that's not all!

In this case, will end up with someone plain with amazing personality (who usually...actually, look quite beautiful) ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A letter

You remind me of two persons.
Myself. With the mix of my tragic friend.

Everytime I talk to you, I think I can feel what you feel. The energy, like you can do anything in this world....yet you're not sure what exactly you want to do.

I can feel the adventure in your sentences, the adventure of life. Searching for answer in dark times, chewing that bitter cold hard steak called reality, and feeling glorious when you can overcome all of it.

But I bet, the best feeling is feeling blown. An unexpected result you get in the search, when you encounter something new and it shows you a new world. Something you never knew before. (sometimes it's) something small, yet made you think "this is what flying must felt like" so free, so liberating. Made the journey worthwhile, addictive even.

I've been there. It's raw energy you have, you can mold it into anything.

You excite and worry me. I've seen adventure taking a tragic turn. But then again, the best ones is always the one on the edge, between tragic and glory.

Adventure is about getting lost, and find a way. Nobody know where's your cliff, and where's the secret way to save you. Only you will find one of them, and I really hope you find that secret way. And you will mold that energy into something good, in the end.

But as a reader, I can only hope, I can only imagine. The story, probably will be something I can't imagine.

Like a good book, I hope I get to read it until the last page. And I get to read it over and over again.

I sent you my prayer, may the saving grace protect you....always.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 Things That Crossed My Mind A Lot

1. I should be nicer
2. I should try harder to wake up earlier
3. I should try harder to read the Qur'an
4. I should be more focus and not easily distracted
5. I should work harder
6. I should try harder to remember people's birthday
7. I should do the little things I said I would (mostly D.I.Y stuff)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weak Heart

I have a weak heart.

It's easy to fall in. It also easy to fall out. And when it fall out, I never look back. Under whatever circumstances.

Cold, yes.
But I'm happier like's not your fault that you don't know I'm this cold.

My defense, I'm better off without your drama. In your defense (it should be), if I can't put up with your drama, I'm not worthy.

Let it go, don't wait and walk your way. Let this be a lesson learned for us. You'll be happier too...

If it meant to be, our path will be crossed again, and maybe that time it'll stay. Or maybe not. Who knows? Let's not worry about things beyond our control...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Turn on and off

Turn on
- Smart witty gentleman
- Knowledge on history
- People who's positive when they have every right to be bitter. Always inspiring :')

Turn off
- Mannerless people
- Ungrateful people
- Whiny weak snobs who think the world owe them.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Concerts I Have Attended

Not that much...but I cherised them all :')

My first concert is Linkin Park Meteora Tour in Ancol. I was in 3rd year high school.
since I started living away from my family (they're in Paris, me in Depok, long story) I usually spent my weekend with my uncle. He's not married yet so he's either work or having fun. He loves movie, music, and food. So attending concerts in one of is usual.

I remember he call me and he said, "let's go watch today" / "hari ini kita pergi nonton ya". I thought we're going to watch a movie. Then he said "bring your hat" I was like...ummm...why? Then I remember, today is linkin park concert. Is it...possible...
"Loh kita mau nonton Linkin Park"
Hwaaaarrghhh!! (I really did screamed)
It was amazing, eventho I'm not in the crowd, but in the empty vip area beside the crowd, it's still amazing!!

And since then I'm sold. I started to go to concerts whenever I can.

Next is Coldplay, the X&Y album tour. Also my first trip to Singapore.
So many memories about this concert...
the concert was great!! I remember the bulb won't turn on so Chris have to sing Yellow without the bulb, the gigantic yellow balloon full of confetti (which turn out to be Singapore Indoor Stadium signature event), and Chris run to my section and sing from there. In the middle of the crowd. If that happened in Indonesia, he probably won't come out with his clothes intact.

What make this the most memorable concert was also because the random memories.
The day before the concert is the World Cup Final 2006 where Zidane headbutted Materazzi. The day after the concert is my Calculus final exam, and I failed it. It was also the time of Rihanna's Umbrella. The song was literally everywhere, My weekend was full of it. Bandung-Jakarta-Singapore ; in angkot, in travel, in airport, in mall, in shops, in hotel, in MRT, in the street, in grocery store, frikking everywhere.
Then SUM 41!! I loove love loveee this band and soooo glad I came, I got first row and even got Cone's bass pick! This is my first concert in festival. I remember being pushed around and thinking I don't wanna die here! LOL, what a noob. And my bag got knifed, one of my phone stolen. Thankfully wallet and other phone is fine. Since this, I only bring ID-money-phone when going festivals. Experience is the best teacher :D

Jamiroquai - he's so great live! It's like a giant party...I have a very long post in this blog about this concert. That said much. My disappointment is unable to sneak in my camera (when lots of people clearly could) and Jamiroquai didn't wear the Indian headdress. But other than that, ggrreeeaaatt!!

Muse - the sound system was not that great but the visual is awesome, and they're already cool. So, not that bad...but not that special either.

I remember the trip more than I remember the concert. The concert was in February, one day in Sept/Oct/Nov the year before, I woke up to a text my dad sent me and my brother "we'll go to Singapore in Feb next year to watch Muse, please clear your schedule" DUH, like you have to ask? It was a great surprise, which is a BIG thing since my dad is very cool and don't go for surprises, and birthday, or any custom other people used to have. It was also first time we go somewhere new, together, all four of us. After six years of living apart so all the holiday we have, we use to visit each other or family.

Temper Trap - perfect in terms of sound. PERFECT. It's like consecutive orgasm (or you can say eargasm) for two hours. I still can remember wondering how can my ear hear everything so clearly. Definitely gonna buy the DVD if only the sell it. And the shirt I bought is soo comfortable. My favorite T-shirt.

This joint concert by Java: The Maine, FTSK, and Hellogoodbye.
I came for The Maine and Hellogoodbye, end up liking FTSK, Hellogoodbye was FREAKINGFUN, and The Maine was soo goood, and the bonus is I got signed Patrick's drum stick.YEAP. One of best concert I attend in term of euforia.

Dreamtheater - Not my cup of tea, just wanna see the legend before they completely disband, and accompanying my dad and my uncle. And the sound system suck, can't even hear the bass. Poor John Myung...

Owl City - I his music, i don't get to go to the first concert because the next day is my graduation, so the next year when I got the chance I go. Even if I have to go alone. And I did. And if I have to do it again, I will still go alone than not at all. It's huge, since I usually I'd rather not attend than have to attend alone. Especially if I have to watch it with lots of elementary school girls who have waay better style than me (i.e: crop jeans jacket over white dress, silver sequined loafer, and leopard printed shawl)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

List of All the Places I Lived At

Born : Balikpapan
Middle school until high school : Depok & Paris
College : Bandung
Currently: in the middle of Delta Mahakam