Friday, December 04, 2009

what i find when i open my eyes...

a text from my Dad:

Ass.wr.wb, Zahra Hanif, atur agenda ya, 03 Feb 2010, kita nonton Muse di Spore.

Isn't he the coolest dad ever? How blessed is my life...and I always grateful for it

Friday, November 06, 2009

Basic Understanding

I believe nothing good ever comes easy.
Some said someone with great luck will get a lot of good things easily. I don't think so. Even there is a compensation for those luck. If it IS easy, then it's not THAT good.

When we want something great, don't ever expect that you'll get it smoothly. You HAVE to get through the pain, the betrayal, fighting with your own ego, the tiredness, the boredom, and all those bad things. If you can't handle them, than you don't deserve that great things, whatever it is.

You name it.
You don't get it easy, and you don't have it easy.

That's the truth and sooner we get it, faster we move, stronger we will, happier we are...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of My Ultimate Wish

Dear God, today is my Dad birthday
I hope you gave him a long and healthy life so I have time to take care of him and make him proud
Just like he do to me...


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Look Nowhere

I already told you about me being a part timer and had to interviewed, right? There's something interesting happened in the interview that i like to share.. When they interviewed me they asked me did I ever compare myself to someone else?

I said no.

And they're (looked) quite confused with my answer. And it's not that I'm not ambitious or driven. I just never find any use in doing that (comparing myself with others). Really, someone tell me what's the use?? I believe our problem coming from ourself. If we understand ourself, than we can handle whatever it is coming our way. And comparing ourself to someone else's is not helping. I tried.

Me and a billion other people maybe share same objectives, but we were made by different environments. So how we get to that objectives may vary. It's only ourself know the best way to get there. Others may give a little clue, but we decide how to use that clue. And make sure we drive by ourselves, otherwise we won't get there.

So I, will get there, may way. And I will live my life the way I want it. Doesn't mean I don't respect others too, it's just I think before we start comparing ourselves to others we have to make ourself first, and know exactly what we're made of.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's Your Weirdest Dream???

So last night I had a weird dream,

my uncle having a mini zoo in his backyard. And the animals is not monkeys or zebras or even tigers. The animals is dinosaurs. Yes, the one like in the Jurrasic Park. There are T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Petrodactyl, Thyranosaurus (is this how it spelled?), and other that I dont know the name. I only know they're giants. The twisted in my dream is, they have personality of dogs. They're always happy and chasing me to play, try to lick me and bump me. Only they're imagine my horror, a T-Rex trying to lick me. When I woke up, I was damn exhausted...
Dear uncle, please don't ever have a mini zoo with dinosaurs inside.

I don't know what I did to get such dream...I hope I can get to dream like that again's fun...hahah :D

picture from here

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mahanagari, another piece :)

I'm a part-timer now!

How cool is that???

I always want to be a part-timer, like I always see in the movies. To have learn something, get new friends, new topic to talk about, new schedule in the timeline, and actually get paid for what I've done.

Indonesia is not a country where part-timing is a common practice. So last year, when I have the opportunity, I sent my CV to the shop where my senior work as part-timer. That time, my purpose is to have part-timing experience. But they didn't call me for interview and my school schedule is super hectic so i just forget it.

Then just a 2 months ago the manager call me asking whether i'm still interested. I almost scream! Because in this semester i have more more free time...what a perfect timing!!! But of course I have to pass the interview first. I'm quite nervous because I don't have anything except willingness...

And the interview turn out good (well of course, since I'm accepted). I feel more like hanging out with my friends. The question is like "do you where geology museum is? what things that you like and hate about Bandung?" that is SO my (school) thing! They interviewed me for like 2 hours...and I'm nervous all the time but they're so nice, so it really help...fiuhh...

And what I like the most is, my workplace is a cultural company. They do sell things for profit yes, but the product is made with real effort to promote Bandung culture. Example : when they made a shirt with a building picture they do some research first about it's history and stories. So they know exactly what they made. Another thing, they have links to the city's communities, which is the things I'm so so interested in (community, that is).

It's gonna be fun!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forgotten Answer

In our first year, my bestfriend and I having a discussion. Her major is Social Anthropology and mine is Regional and City Planning. She asked me, why government or anyone should set some standard about how people should live? Sometimes we thought it was poverty but actually it just how they wanna live. Like tribal people in Papua or Baduy. Why we have to come there and said they need to go to school, live in certain house with maximal capacity per houses with certain lifestyle which we thought for better health and better life. She said sometimes they don’t want our interventions. They like the way they lived. They lived like that for hundreds years and still survive, so why they should listen to us? Aren’t people entitled to their rights to choose how they gonna live their life. Especially when they’re not interrupt other people. And they definitely not interrupting the nature since only the modern people do that.

And that time I'm not even certain with my answer, which I forget. Just say I can’t answer that question.

But few months ago I read National Geography Issue-The Gold Issue-and suddenly the answer come to me. We’re have to get them education and health not because we denied their rights, but because we want to protect them. Because they’re one of us, therefore we should do our best to protect them. From who? From every opportunist out there. Because fact is, there are people who wouldn’t even care about those rights. And they’re smart enough to take what we have and we’re not gonna realize it until it’s too late. If we don’t prepare them, they’re not gonna survive in the next 50 years.

We have to gave them education and health so they can defend themselves against those people. So we can be smart enough to realize the tricks. Because that’s what they have and we didn’t. Advance in knowledge and how to use it. And that’s how we should prepare ourselves.

That's how I think for now...

Gambar dari sini

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yes, It's (REALLY) True!!!

Jamiroquai was in Indonesia!! And we had a damn GREAT time!!

hmm...darimana ya ceritanya?
Dari mulai gw beli tiket deh, dimana gw baru sadar adalah sekitar tanggal 20an Maret. Gw udah lemes aja pas tau di Sentul...mau kesana pake pas ke Apres!, ternyata pada pergi! AYOLAH CARI tiketn
ya!! Wajib ini mah! JAMIROQUAI!!!

Setelah mencoba sana-sini ga berhasil akhirnya gw mengelu
arkan senjata ampuh gw. Om gw. Hahah. :D
Pengennya mah yang B. Tapi temen gw yang B itu pacaran, ntar gw
garing sendiri lagi...ogah. Yang D dua kali harga E sama F padahal sama-sama belakang. Yaudah deh berhubung pada di F gw minta yang di F.

set venue

Jadi kemaren gw beran
gkatlah sama Enriko, Diko, Wulan (yang ternyata temennya ade gw), dan temennya Wulan, Azel. Kita berangkat agak sore, jam 3. Si Diko nyetirnya udah brutal, berasa Fast and Furious aja, takut macet, takut ngantri trus ga dapet tempat, takut kelewatan, pokoknya brutal. Tapi gila emang, kita nyampe duluan daripada rombongan Pippi, Bil, dan Padang yang jalan duluan daripada kita (yang ternyata pake mampir dulu di Jakarta). Kita sampe jam 5.45!! Tiga jam kuraangg...hahahha...oke banget si Diko!!!


Belajar dari pengalaman Coldplay yang ternyata kaga diperiksa kamera, gw bawa aja kamera. Tapi gw umpetin dan gw copot batrenya. Sayangnya usaha ini tidak berhasil. Gw bolak-balik naro barang-barang ke mobil Diko. Sial.
Pas masuk beli kaos dulu buat si ade, abis itu foto2 di photobooth. Dan disitu aja udah banyak yang pake digicam! Yeeehhh....!! Kesel deh gw...

tapi masih bisa foto pake h

Terus berhubung ngeliat antrian udah panjang, yaudah deh gw ngantri. Yang E penuh, D kosong, dan F gila penuuuhhhhh!!! Gw udah garing aja nunggu sendiri (si Enriko dan Diko di D, Wulan sama Azel nungguin temennya di E). Si Padang astaga lama amaaatttt!!! Sampe akhirnya gw masuk, si Padang blom dateng juga. Tepat waktu sih gatenya dibuka jam 18.30, dan gw masih termasuk awal jadinya lumayan dapet yang enak di F. Nyamping sih tapi ga jauh2 amat. Jadi panggung masih keliatan semua.


Gw sampe bulukaaaaaaaaaannnn nungguin si Padang...dan nungguin acaranya mulai. Sekalinya ada yang ngomong, eh cuma ngasi tau kalo kita silahkan santai2 dulu, ngasih kesempatan yang kena macet buat dateng. Ngek. Dan emang sih Hall segede gitu masih kosong...untung aja akhirnya si Padang dateng beberapa belas menit sebelum lampu dimatiin. Kasian banget yang mesti muter2 cari tempat duduk sambil gelap2.

Jam 20.00...mulai deh main si opening act. DIMI. Sebenernya gw ga tau ini siapa...heheu. Jadi ga komentarlah gw. Dia tapi duet sama Afgan (si Padang ngotot Afgan gay), sama penyanyi bule entah siapa juga, dan sama Yacko.

view from F

Tengah-tengah DIMI ini mulai deh ada surprise.
Gw entah kenapa bawaannya pengen nge-cek venue terus. Dan yang gw liat adalah, E dan F kaya kebanjiran orang...A dan B masih a
da aliran orang, sedangkan D kosong melompong. Padahal D itu pas ngadep panggung. Mengingat SUM41, gw udah punya feeling aja nih bakal ada pemindahan massa. Eh bener, tiba2 rame dan samping gw pada rushed buat pindah!! Si Padang langsung kabur cari tempat duduk. Dan dapeeettttt!!! Nyahah pindah kita ke D!! Yang harganya dua kali lipet!! Ahahaha!! Ada yang bahkan dari F pindah ke B!! Gilaaa....

Kita dapet di bagian perbatasan D sama F. Dan pas daerah D udah penuh, banyak orang yang tadinya udah dapet pindah ke D, keluar, atau mau pindah ke tempat yang ditekin temennya ga boleh pindah. Sempet ada yang mau berantem beneran. Ya panitianya odong sih. Udah ngijinin abis gitu ngelarang2. mana mau. Walaupun gw kepikiran sama orang2 yang beli D yang masih kena macet...bete pasti tempat duduknya abis didudukin orang2 yang beli tiket setengah harganya dia. Again, salahkan panitia.

view from D. Keliatan kan bedanyaa..? hehe ;)

DIMI selesai, jam 21.30...dan setengah jam lagi buat siap2in soundnya Jamiroquai.
Jam 22.00, muncul MCnya, pesan sponsor dulu. Besok pemilu jangan lupa mlih, dan yang di tangga sama di jalan disuruh pada duduk. Terus kita nyanyi Indonesia raya dulu. Coba yaaa...hahahah seru banget kaannn...? :D

Setelah itu, Jamiroquai muncul!! LANGSUNG mainin "The Kids"!
Dengan gaya ngedance yang khas, dan musik yang menghentak! Satu hall langsung rameee!!
Abis The Kids dia bawain "High Times"...dan abis itu, salah satu FAVORIT GW, "Seven Days in Sunny June" (dan sepertinya favorit banyak orang juga) secara semua orang langsung heboh!! Dan sing along lebih kenceng lagi...dan di medley sama "Alright"! Whoooaaaaa!!!

Abis itu dia ngomong bentar, nyuruh kita vote besok (hari ini). Awwww.....
Terus lanjut keee...."LITTLE L"!! Haaaaaaaa ya ampuuunnn stress gw!! Mana dia ngedancenya ASIK TERPANAAAAAA....

Abis itu istirahat dulu gw pas "Black Capricorn Day". Soalnya gw ga gitu suka...heu...tapi istirahatnya ga lama soalnya abis itu "Use The Force". Secara ya dia pake frase Star Wars, gw langsung tertarik dari dulu. Mana liriknya bagus, dan musiknya juga asik. Huhuuuyyy!! Senang riang gembira banget dah gw!!
Setelah "Use the Force" dia bawain "Travelling Without Moving. Doh, ga berenti berenti dah. Kita berasa dimanjain deh pokoknya. Teruuuuuuuussssssssss!!!

Gw nganga-nganga...gilaaaa gw selalu amaze liat gaya nge-dancenya si Jay Kay di video klipnya, dan sekarang gw liat langsung! Paraaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Dan musiknyaaa...dan visualnyaaa...dan suaranya....dan lightingnyaaa!!
OHMYGOOODDD!!! Sekali masih ga percaya gw liat Jay Kay ASLI nyanyi dan ngedance!! Dan gaya ngedancenya emang seASIK itu! Sumpah ya gayanya POL banget!! Gerakannya dia selalu pas sama beat DAN lightingnya. PARAH!!

walaupun sebenernya gw ngarepin ada lantai kotak2 warna-warni yang kaya di video klip Little L, dan dia pake salah satu topi anehnya. Antara yang di cover album High Times sama yang topi ketua Indian. Tapi cuma pake topi vedora kotak2 aja. Tapi gapapaaaaa!!! Gila segitu aja gw nganga dan jerit2 udah kaya apa tau...

Seven Days In Sunny June

Setelah "Travelling Without Moving" dia berenti agak lama. Kaya ngasih instruksi ke ban
Begitu dia mulai lagi, ternyata "Cosmic Girl"!!!
AJEGILEEEE....rusuh langsung orang-orang! Dan tengah-tengah lagu, venue yang tadinya rapiihh...tiba-tiba banjir orang-orang ke PALING DEPAN panggung. WHOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Si Padang udah ngajakin gw buat turun, tapi gw takutnya ini cuma selagu doang, dan abis itu kita diusirin, dan kursinya ilang...jadinya gw harus nonton sisanya dipojok. Setelah dua kali dipaksa akhirnya gw pengen juga turun. Yaudah deh kita turun...dan nyelip-nyelip-nyelip. Sampe akhirnya ke depaaaannnn cuma beda lima meter sama panggung!!! Whooopppeee!!! Begitu "Cosmic Girl" selesai, si Jay Kay bilang "NOW THIS IS BETTER!!" sambil ngeliat ke orang2 yang didepan panggung. Kita langsung pada kesenengan!! YEAAAHHH!!!

Setelah itu DIHAJAR kita semua.
Dia ngeluarin "Space Cowboy". "Canned Heat". Dan "Love Foolosophy".
GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! HISTERIS semuanya! Dan dia cuma lima meter dari gueeeee!!!!!!! (kurang malah kayanya)
Abis itu selesai. Tapi kita minta encore, dan yah seperti konser kebanyakan lah ya, keluar lagi Jamiroquainya. Ngebawain "Deeper Underground" dengan sound dan energi yang PARAH!! Berasa RUSUH banget!! Sampe pada loncat2!!!

view from sudden VVIP!! sedeket ini!! gimana ga pada ribut coba...

Setelah itu baru deh bener-bener selesai. Gw sempet denger dia bilang "See You blablabla next year"
entah mau ngeluarin album baru apa mau dateng lagi. Dua-duanya mudahan.

Udah mana gw berhasil pindah sampe paling depan, abis gitu lagunya enak-enak...performance-nya juga TOP banget (dance, musik, dan lighting)...BAHAGIA GA KIRA KIRA, tapi kurang puas!!!

Dia ga bawain Virtual Insanity, dan Love Blind, dan Main Vein, dan Electric Mistress. Tapi temen gw ada yang pengennya Corner of the Earth, Emergency on Planet Earth, Talullah, Don't Give Hate a Chance, You Are My Love...dan tiap orang beda-beda. Ya emang ga bakal puas sih mau dimainin tiap lagu dua kali juga.

Cuma ga semua pihak seneng kaya gw sih. Yang kesel tuh yang udah beli VIP 3juta atau yang B atau yang D. tapi disabot sama yang orang-orang E dan F. Ya tapi jangan salahin kita dong...orang dikasih kesempatan, tolol amat ga ngambil. Panitianya lain kali yang pinter dong...jangan salah baca pasar gitu. Lagian menurut gw malah yang VIP itu malah ga enak. Iya paling depan, tapi datar dan dibawah...jadi Ngadah gitu nontonnya. Kan kalo dijadiin festival bakal lebih enak dari awal. Dan yang daerah belakang dijualnya jangan sampe beda 100% gitu. Yah ini sok taunya gw aja sih. Gw sebagai pihak yang beruntung nggak protes sih...tapi kan ga adil buat yang udah ngeluarin uang JAUH lebih banyak. Tapi makasih ya udah dibawain Jamiroquai...

Terima Kasih BANYAAAKKK:
Jamiroquai (no, we thank YOU!) and Java Production
Ayah dan Om Alex
Teman teman nonton (Enriko Diko Wulan Azel Padang Pippi Bil)


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens in 3D, Kill Me!!

Jadi kemaren diajakin si Safir buat nonton film...
berhubung gw dalam dua bulan terakhir ga update, jadi gw kaga tau itu film apaan.
Komentar gw pertama adalah : "Jadi predatornya kalah ni?"
dan gw seriusan mikir itu tuh lanjutan Aliens vs Predator. Yang mana prdatornya kalah, eh terus muncul monster. Gw udah mikir aja, buset bumnya mau jadi kaya apaan lagi....
langsung dihina-hina sama Safir...hahah...ternyata film kartun. Jauh amat.

Sampe disana, buset kenapa Ciwalk rame amaaatttt!!! PVJ udah kaya pepes pasti deh.
gw udah nyelip2 buat ngantri buru-buru...dan tiba-tiba si Maria sama Safir menyergap sambil rame sendiri.
Yang gw denger adalah "brngahdsdgegd!!!" dan mereka berdua tampangnya panik parah.
Loh loh ada apa ini ada apa??

Ternyata film yang mau di tonton ada 3Dnya!!!

flashback, dulu kita sempet sampe pengen ke jakarta demi ngejer film 3D! waktu itu udah mau nonton bolt sama journey to center of the earth. cuma berhubung bisa deh. Jadi tolong dimaklumi kenorak-an kita waktu akhirnya film 3D muncul di Bandung!!

eh kita kaga bawa duit. secara harga tiketnya 50ribu. dan kaga bisa bayar pake kartuuu ah payah!! sayang ga ada yang punya mandiri. jadinya kita buru2 ke atm. Si Safir tuh yang paling heboh, sampe lari...tapi untung aja dia ngotot...heheu...

Singkat ceritaa....kita masuklah. Dikasih kacamata 3D yang udah jauh lebih keren daripada waktu gw waktu masih kecil. (Yang mana gw jadi kaga ngerti gunanya si kacamata selain ngerubah warna gambarnya jadi merah semua dan bikin mata gw sakit apa sebenernya.)

Pas nonton filmnyaaaaa.............
mau mati gw rasanya....keren PARAAAHHH!! rasanya pengen gw pegang!!
hahah sumpah gw norak!!

harus nonton deh pokoknya
walaupun ga ada subtitlenya. tapi gapapa, gampang kok bahasa inggrisnya. ya kartun gitu. udah pada sering latian nonton dvd kaann. secara suaranya segede gitu juga, you won't missed a word.

cobain nonton teman-temaaannnnn!!!
Seru bangetttttt!!

terus gw langsung inget.
Kalo sampeeeee Transformer ada 3Dnyaaaa!
Mati beneran gw rasa.
Terus inget lagi, STAR WARS. George Lucas yang baiikkk dan kereennn bikinin Star Wars 3D dong...500ribu juga gw bayaaaarrrr!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

How I Lost My Phone version.4

HP gw baru aja ilang. dicuri. ditipu lebih tepatnya.

Jadi gw pulang buru-buru, udah agak ujan. Yang kepikiran sama gw adalah gw mau liat tiket jamiroquai yang baru dikasih om gw. 100m dari kosan, ada yang nyegat gw. Anak kecil, cewe, remaja deh. Dia hpnya mati. Minta tolong buat nelpon orang buat jemput dia. Secara ujan juga dan gw kalo di posisi dia juga pasti pengen banget ada yang nolong. Dan karna gw pas kemaren2 jatoh ga bawa hp ditolong orang, ya gw tolongin lah.

Dia sempet nanya "Nggak buru-buru kan?"
a bitch that I am, I snapped "ya buru-burulah, ini udah ujan."
terus gw ajak aja ke kosan. maksudnya biar kaga ujan2an dulu.
terus dia ngajak minggir ke gang, and I snapped again "kekosan gw aja, buruan kalo mau!"
dooohh secara ya gw baru jatoh gara2 ujan. tiap lewat jalan itu gw masih ngilu2.
pikir gw, secara dia yang minta tolong ya ikutin gw dong.

sebenernya gw agak2 curiga...makanya gw ajak kekosan. biar ga bisa kemana2.
tapi ada anak kosan lain diluar, jadi ga bisa gw kunci. yaudin.

Gw telponin nomor yang dia sebut (ga inget, jangan tanya. satu2nya nomor yang gw inget adalah nomor hp gw sendiri. rekening bank dan pin pun gw ga inget.)
trus ternyata ga nyambung. terus dia bilang "kamu pegang hp aku ini deh, tapi aku pinjem ongkos. nanti aku kembaliin."

Sayang sekali gw ga punya duit. gw pulang naik angkot pun pake recehan nyari di saku.
Pas gw tanya berapa, dia bilang "25rb"
hmm...makin curiga gw. ongkos kemana 25ribu?? tapi yaudah gw kebelakang nyoba minta sama si bibi. bibinya lagi ngobrol sama anak kosan lain.

gw balik lagi. pas gw cek, barang2 gw masih ada semua. gw bilang "sori ga ada, gimana?"
dan gw agak merasa ga enak daritadi curiga. tuh kan udah ujan, hp mati, disuudzonin, siaa tau rumahnya jauh...jadi ga enak gw.
trus dia bilang "yaudah deh gapapa yaudah aku pulang aja makasih ya makasih" kasiaaann....masa iya ujan2an...ntar kepleset didepan gimanaa??
sumpah gw kepikirannya itu
terus gw bilang, yaudah tunggu dulu aja sampe beres ujannya, akhirnya dia bilang "kalo pinjem 6 ribu ada nggak?"

gw nutup tas dan ngancingin, trus balik ke belakang. kali ini si bibi minjemin.
tapi pas balik...orangnya udah ga ada. pertama gw mikirnya mungkin dia ngerasa ga enak. pas gw cek tas, tasya masih ketutup, padahal gw pergi ke belakangnya bentar. dan tas gw ini agak ribet bukanya. tapi pas di cek nyaaa...hp gw ga ada!

dan itu ujannya udah deres. kata anak kosan yang diluar, orangnya udah lari. kata yang jaga warung juga, katanya buru2. gw balik lagi deh kekosan. dimarahin sama si bibi, hehehe...
terus kita nyoba ke depan, yaudah ga adalah emang...kalo gw jadi pencuri ya kabur yang cepet dong! kalo masih ada disitu tolol amat...

gw pulang deh.
dan gw bukannya mikirin hp gw, malah mikirin si anak itu.
huhuuu...segitu desperatenya sampe berani nipu orang, dikosannya pula, ada banyak orang pula.
deg-degannya kaya apa yah...pasti dia kepikiranlah kalo ketangkep bakal diapain, mana si gw judes banget kan. kalo kepergok sama gw, gw yakin bengep gw tonjok...blom lagi ntar rame kan anak kosan.

dan untungnya ipod merah gw ga diambil. hehehe.
itu sih sebenernya yang penting. gw emang lebih sayang ipod gw daripada si hp. kalo ipod gw yang ilang baru dah gw rame. pengorbanan buat dapetinnya lebih tuh. trus kepikiran lagi, untung bukan lomo gw yang ilang. anjiiirr bisa patah hati. atau laptop gw, atau hardisk eksternal....haduh.

dan pas gw masuk kamar, gw ngerasa kasiaaaaannnn banget sama anak itu.
harus ujan2nya...harus nipu...harus degdegan...biar bisa dapet duit.
entah sih ya buat apa. mungkin dia mesti ngasi makan keluarganya, atau mungkin gitu cara dia survive.
ga tau juga. tapi tetep kan...

lah sedangkan gw tinggal ongkang2 kaki aja dikosan. tiap bulan dikirimin. bisa makan enak, bisa punya barang-barang bagus, bisa internetan sampe gila sesuka jidat gw, bisa jalan-jalan kemana gw suka, I even have jamiroquai ticket. yang perlu gw lakukan tinggal napas dan ngelakuin apa yang gw suka doang, and my parents will take care the rest.
hidup gw jauh jauh jauuuhhh lebih enak daripada anak itu.
dan gw malah jadi bersyukur kebagian nasib jadi orang yang hidupnya enak.
huhuhuuu....terima kasih banyak Ya Allah....

buat kamu yang nyuri, walaupun gw yakin kamu ga punya facebook, atau blog...
hpnya gw kasih...semoga bisa bantu...semoga kamu kuat yaa...semoga nanti nasib kamu bisa berubah...amiinn...

walaupun tetep sih, pasti dimarahin nanti sama ayah. lagi-lagi ceroboh. memang.
tapi kasian tau anaknyaaa...kalo gw ga ceroboh ntar dia ketangkep trus gw pukulin. atau dipukulin mangsa lain. trus ntar siapa tau ibunya lagi sakit jadi meninggal...duuhh pusing banget jadi orang kaya gitu...

heheu...tau dah bingung mau komentar apa kalo soal ini. pasrah aja deh.
maaf ya ayahh...

Thursday, March 12, 2009



It happen in 23rd Feb, last month. It was a rainy day, I just got back from supermarket near my house, then it start to rain. I wait but then thinking I'd rather get wet for a minute than wait for the rain to stop. So I the roofed place, when i walk, i realized it's a slippy road (the material is kinda different in one road, so there's part with slippy material and there's part with non-slippy material), and i'm wearing my slippy slipper. then BAM!

I swear it hurt like hell. I don't think I ever feel that much pain before. It even to the point I can't even breath or make a sound. I can still feel the pain everytime i walk in wet feet, or i passed the place i fall.

People then help carry me to the near house and they let me rest there. But after 10 minutes I still can't sit straight, the back pain is unbearable and I hate whining in front of stranger. And I'm quite worried about my back, I think I'd rather go straight to the hospital.

The house owner then accompany me back home, then I cried while I call my brother to pick me up and get me to hospital. Turned out one of the jelly thing between my backbone is crushed, that's why it hurt so bad. Bunda flew right away from Balikpapan...I'm so sorry I made trouble and worried you Bunda...

I have to stay there for a week rather than two weeks. (I have to beg the doctor to not holding me in too long because I have school). Everyday I get like 10 medicine, 5 of it is painkiller so i feel content all the time! I do therapy, and bed rest also. When I can go home the effect of medicine and a week of bed rest come, which is I keep feeling like I'm floating around...LOL!!

In the fourth day, my brother found sick and have to stay in hospital too!
I was like, "what the heck!!!" He got typhus and dengue fever. What a typical first year student, huh? My brother got the third floor room where i'm in the first floor. Bunda is so busy and worried...huhuuu I'm so sorry....In the fifth day there's empty room beside my room. So my brother move there. A week later my brother can go home, and my dad come too!

It's a painful memory, but still a memory nonetheless...
And I bet a very tiring weeks for Bunda...I'm so sorry and I love you...

Friday, January 02, 2009


This time of holiday I’ll go to Malang. The families headquarter.

This holiday is extra special for me, because this time I’ll experience how my family celebrates Chinese New Year. Usually I only called them, and get my angpau by post, but this time I’ll be there and feel it. Oh I’m so excited!!

Chinese New Year is in the second place where most of us gather, afte
r Christmas. My uncles and aunties will be there, my cousins will be there, all the grandmas and grandpas too. I really expecting how we celebrate Chinese New Year. The routine, the foods, the atmosphere, the buzz, and all things about it. And there's a temple near my grandma house, I'm sooo gonna go there...

And when my closest uncle there, that mean we will also go on culinary trip. I’m watering now already, imagining few of our routine track. Not only that, the schedule is also to climb Mount Bromo! The surprise is we’re going with my Mom and Dad too! Why that’s a surprise is because the last time we travelling together is when we go skiing in La Clusaz
, which is 6 years ago.

Wow that’s long…

After that skiing trip either I go to Balikpapan, or them crossing to Java island, or we go separately to Malang, or we go to Singapore but not with complete members. This trip is gonna broke those bad curse. LOL…

Other thing I’m expecting is my trip to Malang from Bandung. This time, I’ll have my brother going with me. I’ll have someone to talk to rather than listenin
g to iPod or reading books. And of course, I have LockShockBarrel with me to make my trip forever in a cool way