Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's Your Weirdest Dream???

So last night I had a weird dream,

my uncle having a mini zoo in his backyard. And the animals is not monkeys or zebras or even tigers. The animals is dinosaurs. Yes, the one like in the Jurrasic Park. There are T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Petrodactyl, Thyranosaurus (is this how it spelled?), and other that I dont know the name. I only know they're giants. The twisted in my dream is, they have personality of dogs. They're always happy and chasing me to play, try to lick me and bump me. Only they're imagine my horror, a T-Rex trying to lick me. When I woke up, I was damn exhausted...
Dear uncle, please don't ever have a mini zoo with dinosaurs inside.

I don't know what I did to get such dream...I hope I can get to dream like that again's fun...hahah :D

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mahanagari, another piece :)

I'm a part-timer now!

How cool is that???

I always want to be a part-timer, like I always see in the movies. To have learn something, get new friends, new topic to talk about, new schedule in the timeline, and actually get paid for what I've done.

Indonesia is not a country where part-timing is a common practice. So last year, when I have the opportunity, I sent my CV to the shop where my senior work as part-timer. That time, my purpose is to have part-timing experience. But they didn't call me for interview and my school schedule is super hectic so i just forget it.

Then just a 2 months ago the manager call me asking whether i'm still interested. I almost scream! Because in this semester i have more more free time...what a perfect timing!!! But of course I have to pass the interview first. I'm quite nervous because I don't have anything except willingness...

And the interview turn out good (well of course, since I'm accepted). I feel more like hanging out with my friends. The question is like "do you where geology museum is? what things that you like and hate about Bandung?" that is SO my (school) thing! They interviewed me for like 2 hours...and I'm nervous all the time but they're so nice, so it really help...fiuhh...

And what I like the most is, my workplace is a cultural company. They do sell things for profit yes, but the product is made with real effort to promote Bandung culture. Example : when they made a shirt with a building picture they do some research first about it's history and stories. So they know exactly what they made. Another thing, they have links to the city's communities, which is the things I'm so so interested in (community, that is).

It's gonna be fun!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forgotten Answer

In our first year, my bestfriend and I having a discussion. Her major is Social Anthropology and mine is Regional and City Planning. She asked me, why government or anyone should set some standard about how people should live? Sometimes we thought it was poverty but actually it just how they wanna live. Like tribal people in Papua or Baduy. Why we have to come there and said they need to go to school, live in certain house with maximal capacity per houses with certain lifestyle which we thought for better health and better life. She said sometimes they don’t want our interventions. They like the way they lived. They lived like that for hundreds years and still survive, so why they should listen to us? Aren’t people entitled to their rights to choose how they gonna live their life. Especially when they’re not interrupt other people. And they definitely not interrupting the nature since only the modern people do that.

And that time I'm not even certain with my answer, which I forget. Just say I can’t answer that question.

But few months ago I read National Geography Issue-The Gold Issue-and suddenly the answer come to me. We’re have to get them education and health not because we denied their rights, but because we want to protect them. Because they’re one of us, therefore we should do our best to protect them. From who? From every opportunist out there. Because fact is, there are people who wouldn’t even care about those rights. And they’re smart enough to take what we have and we’re not gonna realize it until it’s too late. If we don’t prepare them, they’re not gonna survive in the next 50 years.

We have to gave them education and health so they can defend themselves against those people. So we can be smart enough to realize the tricks. Because that’s what they have and we didn’t. Advance in knowledge and how to use it. And that’s how we should prepare ourselves.

That's how I think for now...

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