Thursday, April 15, 2010

One of My Ultimate Worry

For a wise lady who can teach even the harshest thing with softness and patience
I only have one hope, is that God give you health...
because you're always sick, that worries me hell
while I still have a lot of thing that I wish to do for you
I still have a lot of thing that I wish to do with you
I still have a lot of things to share with you
I still have a lot of things that I want to learn from you

God please please please give her good health...
I only have that one hope, because in my eyes, she already have everything else...
she's perfect.

Happy Birthday Bunda,

Monday, April 05, 2010

The Pine Show It's Strength In the Coldest Winter

when I pray, I never ask for happiness because I know happiness is a matter of perspective. Beside, always happy is boring. I never ask for health, because I know it's up to me, whether I know how to be grateful or not. If I ask for age, I know it doesn't matter, it already decided. If I ask for wealth, well that's up to my level of gratefulness too. These kinda thing is not absolute or objective, it's always a matter of perspective. And God perspective and mine surely different. So I thought praying for something like that wouldn't help me.

Trough trial and error i finally realize I don't want a perfect and easy life. I want to live an adventure. I want to have a story where I face hardships, and made mistakes. Then how I overcome them. I'd rather be an evolving human who grow from time to time. I want the ability to learn a lesson from everything, everyone and everywhere, even my own mistake. Rather than always happy, I want to be a person who keep on moving no matter what happen. Because whatever happen to me, the world won't stop to wait for me to be ready living a life again. And I don't wanna be left, I don't wanna stop, I wanna keep moving.

But the everything, everyone and everywhere and no matter what part I realize, is the hardest....And these thing I want, is not a matter of perspective between me and God. That's why I always pray,

that He never take His Grace from me. I realize He held the greatest power there is, in everything good and I pray that He give my heart, mind, and body the strength, patience, and willingness to face whatever will happen to me. And to take lessons from whatever He show me, either good or bad.

For a friend, who's having a hard time...I pray this for you...
God, I know you heard me, and you give it to me...can you please give it to my friend too?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ain't That Right, Huh?

too bad it's not that