Thursday, March 12, 2009



It happen in 23rd Feb, last month. It was a rainy day, I just got back from supermarket near my house, then it start to rain. I wait but then thinking I'd rather get wet for a minute than wait for the rain to stop. So I the roofed place, when i walk, i realized it's a slippy road (the material is kinda different in one road, so there's part with slippy material and there's part with non-slippy material), and i'm wearing my slippy slipper. then BAM!

I swear it hurt like hell. I don't think I ever feel that much pain before. It even to the point I can't even breath or make a sound. I can still feel the pain everytime i walk in wet feet, or i passed the place i fall.

People then help carry me to the near house and they let me rest there. But after 10 minutes I still can't sit straight, the back pain is unbearable and I hate whining in front of stranger. And I'm quite worried about my back, I think I'd rather go straight to the hospital.

The house owner then accompany me back home, then I cried while I call my brother to pick me up and get me to hospital. Turned out one of the jelly thing between my backbone is crushed, that's why it hurt so bad. Bunda flew right away from Balikpapan...I'm so sorry I made trouble and worried you Bunda...

I have to stay there for a week rather than two weeks. (I have to beg the doctor to not holding me in too long because I have school). Everyday I get like 10 medicine, 5 of it is painkiller so i feel content all the time! I do therapy, and bed rest also. When I can go home the effect of medicine and a week of bed rest come, which is I keep feeling like I'm floating around...LOL!!

In the fourth day, my brother found sick and have to stay in hospital too!
I was like, "what the heck!!!" He got typhus and dengue fever. What a typical first year student, huh? My brother got the third floor room where i'm in the first floor. Bunda is so busy and worried...huhuuu I'm so sorry....In the fifth day there's empty room beside my room. So my brother move there. A week later my brother can go home, and my dad come too!

It's a painful memory, but still a memory nonetheless...
And I bet a very tiring weeks for Bunda...I'm so sorry and I love you...