Saturday, June 06, 2009

Look Nowhere

I already told you about me being a part timer and had to interviewed, right? There's something interesting happened in the interview that i like to share.. When they interviewed me they asked me did I ever compare myself to someone else?

I said no.

And they're (looked) quite confused with my answer. And it's not that I'm not ambitious or driven. I just never find any use in doing that (comparing myself with others). Really, someone tell me what's the use?? I believe our problem coming from ourself. If we understand ourself, than we can handle whatever it is coming our way. And comparing ourself to someone else's is not helping. I tried.

Me and a billion other people maybe share same objectives, but we were made by different environments. So how we get to that objectives may vary. It's only ourself know the best way to get there. Others may give a little clue, but we decide how to use that clue. And make sure we drive by ourselves, otherwise we won't get there.

So I, will get there, may way. And I will live my life the way I want it. Doesn't mean I don't respect others too, it's just I think before we start comparing ourselves to others we have to make ourself first, and know exactly what we're made of.