Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Band or Musician Is Most Important to Me

Hmmm....another hard question. If it's important than they have to connect with me in something personal. And it supposed to have real impact in my life, right?

The problem is, either I have none or too many.
Because there are musics that the first time I heard them I have this tingling feeling, and it hypnotize me
There are musics that I just listen then one day I realize what they mean and it felt so mind blowing
There are music with such great energy (live or recorded) they drawn me
Then there are music with interesting visual it made me curious
Each and everyone of them have impact on me, at least on my curiosity. Because usually, in my journey to satisfy my curiosity I learn something new that have impact on me. Lots of them lead the way to informations that open my mind, change my mind, even change my habit. But that's not something grand, it's just the way people learn, right? It's not the only factor, so it kinda hard to say which one is the most important, no?

Hmm...let me think for a while.

Ah, after writing this I think I can make it shorter. I'm basically curious, and since music is one of my main interest and I learn so much in my satisfying curiosity journey, so IT IS part of the important-ee (important aspect commitee ;p). So now, in this commitee, under the music departement, which one is the most important in the term having the biggest impact in my life? IS THAT IT? IT IS, RIGHT? 
(Am I stupid or writing is generally good to organize one's mind?)

By biggest impact I'll take it here as something that change me. And my biggest change happened in junior high school. I used to have soooooo much anger (puberty and homestay-in-a-stranger's-family mixture made a problem become a tenfold hair-grabbing-drama) so I learn how to toned down the anger and control my emotion  (Oh wow, you should see my brain. It's like there's a big list then lot of it just dropped) If you think now I still have that problems then you'll probably hate the junior-high-school me. Err...

So the answer is probably Eminem, Spice Girls, and Britney

Eminem back then just came out with his Marshall Mathers LP. I buy the cassette because I like Dido's voice in Stan. And the way the lyrics rhyme but not in a poetic way but in badass-in-your-face way, really fascinate me. So I started paying attention to the lyrics. Curious me wants more but back then there's no internet and TV is limited so when I see his The Slim Shady LP I bought it.
This record, change me.
umm...maybe I should say: it was one of the hands that lead me to the door of change.

It was filled with so much rage, try to listen to it. If you don't have that kind of rage, you'll be disgusted by the lyrics. But that time, I have that kind of rage. Although with a very very different matters and mine is not that serious (a normal junior high school student here, how serious can it be, really?). I feel like I understand the rage, the hate, the emotion felt in his songs and it felt like he vent MY anger. So it's his song, his problem, but the curse, hate, hurt and pain goes to his problems AND mine. That kinda feeling?

So everytime I'm angry and need to vent, I listen to Eminem. He channel my anger out of me and into something I can 'see'. It's like watching Eminem flip out and thrashing at MY 'enemies'. Sooo FUN and satisfying :D. But also, the most important thing, it was one of my first(s) significant experience when I was introduced to the third person perspective. That made me look at my problems from the third person perspective. This position is really good because it made me calm and objective, and made me go through a lot of thinking process. And for this situation, in the end this position made me try to lash my anger in the right way.

This, is the first step on my wonderful never ending journey to have an open mind (still on it by now).

Spice Girls is popular in my elementary school days and it was a good days. And Britney is popular in my junior high school day. Both are pop-cheery-happy-trendy kind of music so I guess it acted as painkillers in my full-of-anger junior high school days. It doesn't heal anything or offer good advices but it give me a place to run away and be in denial for a while, because they colored the happy days and listen to them accessed the memories ;)
that's also why until now i'm still fond of Spice Girls (that's part of the reason why I always root for Victoria Beckham) but I don't have that fondness for Britney, wonder why?

finallleehhh day 6 done! ergh that's tiring...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Places I Want To Visit

Sudah mau tidur dan untungnya ingat post nomor 5 heheh

aduh ini pertanyaannya susah deh...karna 100 juga belum tentu muat. diisi nama benua aja kali ya? Beres.


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Meaning of My Blog Name

So this is day 4, and I do this twice in a row...that's a progress, let's hope tomorrow will be three, not back to one.

hmmm, so...I started this blog when I was in last year of high school, I think. So around 2004 or 2005. (No you can't check the posts because I hid them. It was high school so the posts are pretttyy ridiculous, as fun high schooler should be ;p)

I don't even remember what made me decide to have have a blog. Back then blogging is not popular yet, and a friend of mine tell me about this blog thing suggest me to make one, that's how I found out about blog. This friend also told me about google, who's just started. Now they have THE WORLD, ohmygod! 

Okay, seriously I don't remember why I give my blog this name. Not only this blog, this is also my tumblr name, my fun email name (you know, mail you use to register on everything on  the internet; usually in order to give you free services they bombed your mail with tons of things you can't keep up with and made you missed real, important email), and some of my user IDs. That's probably because I have a bad memory, so I try not to remember a lot of things. But I think this habit of using this name came first from naming this blog. Too bad I CAN'T REMEMBER!! Damn I'm curious now...

okay, the point is doing the project. there...
I'll update when I remember. (I will remember!)

My Day in Detail

So move on to day 3 (which actually a day 4...), the continuation of this project,

At 7 Dad woke me up because we have to go to the market, at first I was like "who go to the market at this hour? The store's not even open yet and I still need my blanket :(" but it turns out that today is Mom's asthma aerobic day in the hospital. It starts at 7.30 so we went, drop Mom, and went to the market.

It was 8 a.m at the market , we're hungry and our porridge diner is not even open. The store where we buy our water is not open either. So we have to go to the fish market with empty water gallon along. Yes, it look ridiculous, especially in the busy-narrow-fish market. I kept poking on people and they gave me the "why the hell you bring that big thing here?" look. Anyway, we bought 1 Milkfish for the week's stock and 2 kilos of Blue Crabs for lunch. Yummm....

oh, I also saw a king prawn. It's even bigger than my neighbour's tiny dog seriouslyy...and I saw a nasty looking fish that look like a piranha. Even dead they look scary...

After fish, we bought fruits. Oranges and Grapes. Then we went to our regular vegetable vendor, only to buy ginger (later will be used to cook the Blue Crabs) because we still have vegetables stock in home. Finish with our market round, we went to the store where we buy our water and it's still not open! Luckily the porridge vendor is, so we ate there. Hurraayyy!! From breakfast to shopping again, this time is non-traditional market things like bread, snacks, and water. After done with shopping, we back to the hospital to pick up mom, who's not finish yet. So we go back home.

After organizing all the groceries, I did Blue Crabs cooking preps. Clean the blue crabs and ginger. Dad did the rest, hahah :D. Picking lemongrass, cutting them, crush the ginger, putting lime leafs, prep water to steam, even pick the boiler. Yes, he's the cook in the family :) Finish with the kitchen, I take a bath (again) to get rid of the smell (ugh), change my clothes, so I can do my snacking and playing and browsing in the sofa :D

Not long, I have to go out (again) to drop Mom to her friend's house...her son passed away and Mom came to pay her respect. (In the middle of cooking prep Mom called us to pick her up, so dad went and picked her. In case you're wondering the flow) After that we made a detour to buy gado-gado and es kelapa. After Dzuhur we ate that with Mom (her other friend who also came to pay respect drop Mom at home) we decide to eat the Blue Crabs for dinner.

I spent my evening with organizing my dad bookshelf, so I can put my books on the bookshelf. After happily saw my book displayed neatly in the shelf (oh finallyyy, you guys are where you supposed to be; proudly displayed, not hidden in boxes!), I bake peanut butter cookies. I already have the dough, all I have to do is took a small ball and flatten it in the cookie sheet. All done in 30 minutes.

After Isya and after F1 Barcelona started, we ate dinner (steamed Blue Crabs) and es kelapa as dessert. I took care of the washdishing, then happily play in my room. Until, the EPL started. I ended up watching the games because Dad kept coming to my room talking about the game (since he can't do that to Mom, who's when playing computer game, nobody could interfere) so I go out to the living room and watched with him.

Good thing I watched it, because it turn out to be such a great drama between United and City :D !!! It's even more thrilling because my twitter's timeline is full with football fans not only with EPL fans who had eight (or was that nine?) matches in the same time, but also with Milan and Juve fans where lot of senior players played for the last time in two different matches. It's a football craze night! The emotions are hiiighhh....

When it is confirmed I can go back to my room, I remember this post I supposed to here I am. Damn it's an essay...oh well, it's a day in detail. Good thing I had a slow day, huh?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

So, let's tidying my mental checklist by finishing something I start in (probably) more than one year ago in Tumblr, this project.

How much from that project I did before I suffer from my commitment issue/boredom/just(chronic)lazy? Just one. I'm not proud.

So let's move on to day 2.

1. Books, preferably in a library with glass wall facing a balcony with a comfy sofa and coffee table full of snacks and tea. or in the bookstore.
2. Photo / Music / History / Movie / Flowers / Food / Gardens / Tea (i think this is one category)
3. Gulung-gulung dalem selimut di ruangan berAC sambil ngemil/nonton/internetan/baca
4. Hanging out talking with friends, preferably while trying out new eating place that have tasty foods.
5. Windows, the one that attached to the house/car/airplane to see things out there. Anyway, not the computer system.
6. Star Wars
7. Benda pritilan yang imut dan lucu, dan kadang agak berguna walaupun banyakan nyampahnya. contoh: meteran bentuk siput (i have this)
8. Pretty clothes
9. Korean variety shows
10. Sarcasm

1. People without manners
2. Ugrateful people, who whine about ridiculous thing like wanting bigger TV, better phones, blahblah . and they who don't finish their foods, ugh...
3. Kecoa, pepaya, dan sambel botolan (not connected, but i have same level of dislike for them)
5. Byproduct of Durian
6. Slow internet
7. Horror stories
8. Indonesian TV products
9. Walking in the rain
10. Vanilla and others overly sweet taste/smell

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Commitment Issue

looks like I have it. or maybe I have routine issue? or maybe I'm easily bored? or just chronic lazy? eehh...maybe all of it...

been trying to have a normal sleep time, and still couldn't do it. Despite being totally.totally.totally free
been trying to exercise regularly, i haven't lift a single hair.
been trying to write regularly, well thank tanked we can see here. But I have legit reason for that. (well...quaterly legit? one fifth? one eigth? FINE, one tenth legit. There).

So. I came back, blog....
been thinking about you, but I pushed it away. But yesterday I see my friend doing something she enjoy after a long time I haven't see her doing. And today I see my friends past post in Facebook about you. So, maybe it's time to see you again? Are we meant to be or we have bad romance? :D