Monday, August 05, 2013

Baby Bird, I'm sorry

Today is not a good day,

I miscalculated something in work, and my hierarchy and his hierarchy didn't recheck and send the report straight to the my boss' boss' hierachy (too many hierachy and boss, i know).

When I try to find out what happened, a colleague came and show me a hurt little bird in his hand. He hope I could help rescueing the bird.

I hold the phone a bit and ask him what happened (he found the bird on the floor, barely moving) I ask him what he expect of me? (I'm the environment supervisor, i should do the conservation - whatever that mean)

He's looking for food, but I don't have any. I offer him my bean juice and tell him he should try the restaurant for banana (now i think about it, do bird eat banana?)

Meanwhile, the phone is still on hold. I decide to finish it first, than take care of the bird. My colleague went (i assumed) to the restaurant.

When I finished, I went looking for my colleague. The  he told me the little bird died before he feed it.

I feel guilty.
Why don't I hang up the phone and help the little bird first?

Baby bird...I'm sorry..I'm sorry I don't help you. I'm sorry I prioritize something not that important. I'm really really really sorry...


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