Friday, May 11, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

So, let's tidying my mental checklist by finishing something I start in (probably) more than one year ago in Tumblr, this project.

How much from that project I did before I suffer from my commitment issue/boredom/just(chronic)lazy? Just one. I'm not proud.

So let's move on to day 2.

1. Books, preferably in a library with glass wall facing a balcony with a comfy sofa and coffee table full of snacks and tea. or in the bookstore.
2. Photo / Music / History / Movie / Flowers / Food / Gardens / Tea (i think this is one category)
3. Gulung-gulung dalem selimut di ruangan berAC sambil ngemil/nonton/internetan/baca
4. Hanging out talking with friends, preferably while trying out new eating place that have tasty foods.
5. Windows, the one that attached to the house/car/airplane to see things out there. Anyway, not the computer system.
6. Star Wars
7. Benda pritilan yang imut dan lucu, dan kadang agak berguna walaupun banyakan nyampahnya. contoh: meteran bentuk siput (i have this)
8. Pretty clothes
9. Korean variety shows
10. Sarcasm

1. People without manners
2. Ugrateful people, who whine about ridiculous thing like wanting bigger TV, better phones, blahblah . and they who don't finish their foods, ugh...
3. Kecoa, pepaya, dan sambel botolan (not connected, but i have same level of dislike for them)
5. Byproduct of Durian
6. Slow internet
7. Horror stories
8. Indonesian TV products
9. Walking in the rain
10. Vanilla and others overly sweet taste/smell

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